Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas For Good Gardeners

Hoe, hoe, hoe, what will Santa Claus be bringing on Christmas morning for the gardeners on his "good" list?  Wonderful gifts that new or long-time gardeners with green thumbs will love.   Over the last decade, gift suggestions for plant enthusiasts are the standard garden plant stakes, labels, tools, cute statues and accoutrements, gardening books, and of course, lots of plants.  With current sustainable and urban trends encouraging people to take classes, conserve their environment, reduce their footprint and grow their own food, gardeners are becoming more sophisticated and adept at gardening. Getting your gardener to take the next step in their garden journey will be helped by these great finds from Amazon, the Spoon Sisters, and Williams-Sonoma.

1.  This gorgeous, earthy personalized garden tote.  Canvas material, with eight pockets to hold tools, seed packets, weed collection, or harvesting herbs and tomatoes. $29.95

2. Fresh Air Kitchen Composter Collector   Composting is so good for your garden. This composter is chic enough to sit on your kitchen counter and has oxygenating construction so that bad odors are eliminated. The best part of this composter is that it utilizes decomposing bags that you can put right into your outside composter.  $24.00

3. Spoon Sisters Herb Markers Not your mother's plant labels! Gorgeous metalwork for your herbs.  Sold as a set of nine, these 11" signs will add panache to your garden, containers, or raised beds. $26.95


4. Herb Savor Pods. For the gardener/cook/chef who loves to have fresh herbs in their refrigerator.  These modern herb storage containers keep the herb stems in water up to three weeks.  No more baggies or wilted herbs.  The pods will fit in your refrigerator door. Comes in a set of three pods.  $29.95.

5. Spoon Sisters Flower and Herb Dryer  Distressed metal drying ring that will bring authentic gardening look to that French or Mediteranean kitchen or parterre'. Hang your spring and summer flowers and herbs from ten hooks to scent the air, collect seeds, or pluck fresh for your latest recipe.   $22.00
6. Williams-Sonoma Make Your Own Cheese Kit.  What a great way to use herbs from your garden in your own cheese! Everything you need to make all-natural cheeses in one hour!  Different cheese kits include mozzarella, ricotta, chevre, or queso fresco. $25.95
7. Williams-Sonoma Stoneware Pickling Crock  Growing cucumbers and cabbages? With these glazed pottery from Zanesville Ohio, pottery capital of the world, you can make your own dill pickles and sauerkraut.  Beautiful even when not in use.  Comes in 3 gallon or 5 gallon pots. $54.95 - $79.95

8. Williams-Sonoma Shiitake Mushroom Log Step into the new world of growing your own mushrooms. Easy and safe as a bump on a log! Grow indoors or outdoors.  Logs are inoculated with mushroom spores, soak log for 24 hours, then harvest within a few weeks. Oyster mushroom logs also available.   $29.95

9. Williams-Sonoma Vertical Garden Classy and practical way to grow plants indoors or on your patio.  Free-standing planter holds  40 plants. New water-smart technology allows for easy watering with collection tray to prevent dripping on the floors. $499.95

10.  Williams-Sonoma Cedar Chicken Coop and Run and Planter . More and more cities are allowing chickens in residential areas. Keep your chickens safe in this delightful and compact 2-story chicken coop. Easy to reach eggs.  $1,299.00
 These lovely gifts are perfect for your special gardener!  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season from my garden to yours.  Merry Christmas everyone!