Saturday, April 08, 2006

Can you say "P" for Peeved?

An oft quoted adage suggests fences make for good neighbors and natural fences are a landscapers delight. What happens when you mix a natural fence with an irate neighbor's home-made concoction? Undoubtedly you've seen tv garden gurus and read home-made garden recipe books that suggest that urinating on your lawn is a good old-fashion way to get uric acid into the soil. But this criminal incident shows that you can kill leylandii cypress with a little too much neighboring attention. Seems Mr. David Jollands, Lincolnshire UK was "peeved" with Mr. Russel Brooks' leylandii hedge being too tall. Caught one night on a hidden camcorder, Mr. Jollands' year-long midnight missions came to an end and after pleading guilty to the crime, he was sentenced to one day in jail. And you thought keeping up with the Jones was too much work.

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