Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Patch Perfect Isn't

Have you seen the latest commercial about the new grass seed that grows on cement blocks, driveways, anywhere? I was horrified to think how many people are going to purchase this product without really looking into it. Is it a scam?

Watching the video on their site, they show grass that grows on cement. How deep will that lawn's root system be? In summertime, it will need watering every day to survive. Well, let's just say that the grass on tv isn't always greener in your own yard once you buy it.

The grass concoction is a slurry of easily-germinated, northern rye and fescue seeds combined that has fertilizer mixed in and retains moisture to allow it to grow quickly. I repeat: northern grass seeds. It won't survive our Florida humidity and heat.

Now there is a method of hydroseeding that is effective for stopping erosion and can be effective with grass seeds.

If you don't have a green thumb, before buying any shrub, perennial or grass plugs online, check with your local county Extension office or Master Gardener Clinic. They will give you the unbiased facts about any horticultural sales pitch or plant that you read or hear about.

The other grass product that makes me laugh is the advertisement for "miracle grass" you find in the local Sunday comic section. There's a reason it's been placed in the cartoon section rather than the Home and Garden section.

Purchasing plant material locally and only from recognized online and catalog sources is the smartest move. You'll keep more of your green stuff in your wallet that way.

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