Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TruGreen's Search For Liveliest Green in UK

Green space is becoming more valuable as the Earth grows in population. Here in the United States and around the world, village greens have been meeting places, markets, festivals, revolutions, celebrations, and recreation for townspeople for centuries. With less emphasis on the environment in urban planning during the mid-20th century, more cities and towns are encouraging and seeing resurgence in open expanses of lawn space for city dwellers.

To celebrate the environmental and emotional value of green spaces, TruGreen Professionals, a British division of TruGreen, the world's largest lawn care company, is looking for the 'liveliest village green' in the United Kingdom.

To qualify for entry the land must be registered as a town or village green, under the Commons Registration Act 1965 or the Commons Act 2006...

To be eligible for registration now, local people need to prove that they have used the land for ‘lawful sports and pastimes’ for at least 20 years, without being stopped and without asking or being given permission by the landowner. The registration process is set out in our book Getting Greens Registered, and it involves gathering evidence from witnesses and other material, such as ancient and modern photographs of the land, and submitting them to the commons registration authority. Once the land is registered it cannot be encroached upon or developed, other than to provide for its better enjoyment by the public for recreation.

What a great idea! I would love to see this contest in the United States. There are some remarkable centuries old village greens here, too. Do you know where this village green is located?

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