Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Do I Do With My Chives?

A timely gardening question about harvesting chives from an "In Your Backyard" listener:
Hi Teresa,

I have a question. My chives are doing well, however I need to do something with them. Can I freeze them or what should I do to keep them. Them are already budding and I think it is time to trim them out.


Ted via email
Dear Ted,

The best way to keep chives is freezing them as they lose their taste after drying. After cleaning them, wash and pat dry with either paper towels or cloth. I prefer paper towels. Bunch the chives together and slice with a sharp knife. You can use a cookie sheet lined with paper towels to spread the chives on and then place in the freezer. They will freeze quickly. I put them into a freezer bag marked with the date on it. They will be good for six months. I use them with potatoes, stews, soups, salads, eggs, breads, biscuits, cream cheeses and dips.

Here are some easily printed tips on storing herbs from Cooks Illustrated (my favorite cooking magazine) and Freshness Farms.
Hope this helps, Ted! Thanks for writing and listening to "In Your Backyard."

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