Monday, January 09, 2012

Free Gold For Your Garden

One of the best soil amendments you can add to your yard is mushroom compost.  A by-product of mushroom farming, mushroom compost is rich with macro and micronutrients, good bacteria, and organic soil enhancements that improve water infiltration and retention. Its great to add to sandy and clay soils.  And while this soil amendment is one of the best, its not the cheapest to add to your soil. 

But not this week! Today through Saturday from 7:00am to 3:00pm, the Monterey Mushroom Farm in Zellwood, Florida is giving away free mushroom compost.  Bring your own containers or truck beds.

Their location is 5949 Sadler Rd Zellwood, FL 32798, and their telephone number for more information is
(407) 905-4000.

Mushroom compost is derived from all organic materials such as hay, straw, horse bedding, chicken litter, cottenseed meal, cocoa shells, and gypsum.  It can used to amend soils before sod laying, adding plants to your garden beds, prevents destructive artillary fungus from establishing, decreases the need for liming soils, and reduces the need to fertilize for a year.

Mushroom Compost Organization

Mushroom compost landscape uses

Take advantage of this wonderful, free supply that Monterey Farms is providing! Remember its only through this Saturday.

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