Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Restoring Ecosystems

Lakefront restoration is an effort that will restore or recreate an ecosystem of abundant natives on a residential or commercial shoreline.  Replacing the chemically-controlled non-native weeds that encroach and take over with appropriate wetland natives that keep weeds under control is not a cheap project but in the long run, will be more cost-effective and healthier for the environment than spraying chemicals regularly.  Native habitats also provide resources for food and nesting areas to attract more birds and wildlife.

Assess the lakefront site for surrounding ecosystems will help determine what native plants belong and if broadening the area to replant natives would be beneficial.

With my current landscape design project for a new home construction, the adjacent marsh area was seceding into an upland pine area because a small stream had been blocked by the previous owner's attempts to put a back entrance road into the property. In the future months, I am encouraging the new owners to unblock the stream and install a large cement drain pipe to allow water runoff from the road to flow down the hillside. As seasonal hurricane and summer rains begin, the stormwater runoff will enter into the marsh area, keeping the soils too wet for pines to establish.

Check out the before and installation photographs on my Facebook page.  I will post photographs of the lakefront after establishment.

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