Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Irrigation Overkill

What's wrong with this picture?

For a sodded driveway this is overkill.  There is no reason to have the irrigation in the center sod strip.  They should have used either a groundcover or pavers in the center of the driveway.
What other mistakes did the irrigation installer or owner make?
  • Watering at 5pm in the early evening is a good way to get fungal disease.
  • Uneven spacing of irrigation heads on turfgrass means uneven distribution of water which is the one of the biggest water wasters.  
  • Possibly no rain shut-off device or not hooked up properly.  This location received two inches of rain the night before so irrigation was not necessary for this turf even if it was new sod.
I asked Aaron Smith, owner of  Insight Irrigation, for his professional irrigation contractor perspective. "When I see this several things come to mind that should be considered: 
  • Areas less than 4 foot wide should not use overhead irrigation. 
  • If necessary, small areas can be irrigated with drip. (many new products are out to do this I.e Hunter)
  • This is a safety hazard since people could slip .
  • This is an environmental hazard from oil from vehicles washing down into stormdrain."
When installing irrigation systems, get a certified irrigation professional like Aaron to help you or   learn what goes into having an efficient irrigation system before you do the work . 

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