Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We Keep Growing!

Today's Garden Center reports that 2013 showed a bigger increase in retail gardening sales than ever before in the last 100 years. The final tally of $34.9 Billion was up 18 %.  Other details found in the National Garden Survey had households spending an additional $73 for a total of $420 on DIY gardening last year, the largest amount in 13 years.
Demographically, over-55 year olds’ dominance of the entire lawn and garden (L&G)market intensifies. In 2001, this age group had 31 percent of the total DIY sales; now it has 46 percent. Meanwhile, retail sales to 35 to 54 year olds have declined by more than $10 billion in the same time frame. The good news is that, fueled by their interest in “Food Gardening,” 18 to 34 year olds have gained market share. As they represent 30 percent of the U.S. household population, we can only hope this gardening behavior will stay with them as they progress through life. 
About 42 percent of DIY garden spending went toward just four gardening activities: lawn care, tree care, shrub care and insect control. Admittedly, these totals include items not carried by most local garden centers (LGCs) such as machinery, mowers, even lawn food, but that’s where the public is spending. This $15+ billion business is dependent on first-time consumer success through good information as well as good prices — opportunity knocks for local garden centers. 
Eleven percent of total household spending was on “Food Gardening” (now averaging $211 per household compared to “Flower Gardening’s” $64). Does your buying focus, inventory, bench space, signage, marketing and training reflect that? A stunning one in three American households now grows some type of food each year and the popularity of TV cooking shows can only help that to grow.

Looks like gardening is helping the country grow in more than one way! 

To read the Today's Garden Center article, click here.


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