Monday, February 02, 2015

You may have noticed I haven't been blogging for nearly a year. Where have I been for the last ten months?  Well, my landscape design business has exploded, my radio show is going strong, and I  have published my first gardening book: A Gardener's Compendium: Gardening In A Twitter World In 140 Characters Or More, Volume 1 - Gardening In Life.

Whether she’s preparing for her gardening radio call-in show “In Your Backyard”, writing an article based on her “Gardening with Soul” philosophy, planning her next landscaping workshop, or contributing to a horticultural database, Teresa Watkins scours the digital world to make sure she has the most current information to share and to find bits of wisdom, wit, and/or whimsy to share with her audiences.  In the process, she has discovered quotes and facts are occasionally shared with incorrect attributions or out of context. This set Teresa on her quest to identify not only who said what but how, why, and when.  As Abraham Lincoln said, you can’t trust everything you read on the internet.

A Gardener’s Compendium: Gardening in a Twitter World In 140 Characters Or More, Volume 1 ~ Gardening with Life is a collection of garden facts, quotes, anecdotes and history categorized by context into themes and appropriate hashtags. The broad scope of this seven volume series and the painstaking efforts Teresa has made to ensure the accuracy of the content and its source will make A Gardener’s Compendium an invaluable resource for new gardeners, garden writers, bloggers, trivia fans, teachers, researchers, newsletters, social media enthusiasts, speakers, and anyone who desires to provide an interesting fact for presentations or is just looking for a source of like-minded inspiration.
Available now at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local, Xulon Press and my website.

All the books you read are so many gardens where you stroll.
 — Blessèd Guerric d’Igny (c.1080-1157) Cistercian abbot
Liturgical Sermons: Volume1 and 2 
Introduction and Translation by Monks at Mount St Bernard Abbey.
#Belgium #library #literature
You can contact for signed copies and speaking events: Sustainable Horticultural Environments

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