Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Studies Show That Plant Enzymes Prevent Skin Cancer

Great news for all of you sun worshippers in Florida: Scientists have found certain combinations of plant compounds can prevent skin cancer. The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio is conducting research with red grapes, that is proving to be successful at preventing skin cancer in mice.

"On the basis of our research, supplements and creams or sunscreens may be developed, tested in humans and then used to prevent skin cancer," said Zbigniew Walaszek, Ph.D., research associate professor of pharmacology at the Health Science Center.
The plant substances are being tested in SENCAR mice, which because of genetic manipulation are sensitive to skin cancer initiation and promotion/progression. The natural agents include resveratrol, found in the skin of red grapes, and grape seed extract. Others are calcium D-glucarate, a salt of D-glucaric acid, present in many fruits and vegetables and also the bloodstream, and ellagic acid, found in a host of berries and in walnuts.

Skin cancer affects over a million people a year. Finding a preventative would be certainly be miraculous.

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