Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Landscape Designing With Trees

Placement of trees is an integral component of landscape design. Trees provide shade, nesting and food resources for wildlife, and aesthetic architectural beauty for the home. Having a long range vision of what the tree will eventually look like needs knowledge of the species' growth habit to maturation.

You can search for native and non-native trees suitable for your landscape at Waterwise Landscapes. Make sure that when you plant your trees, that proper space is available for root growth, canopy spread, and wild fire protection.

Planting Trees In The Landscape. ~ University of Florida

Top Ten Mistakes Made Planting Trees. Nebraska Forest Service

Inspiration for your home can be found everywhere. Peter Olexa's photography collection on the architectural beauty and symbolism of trees through the seasons is breath-taking. Take a look at his wonderful winterland of trees throughout the world and from quite different perspectives.


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