Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mother's Day In Her Backyard

What should you get your Mom for Mother's Day this Sunday?  Depending on her lifestyle, she may need a little help around her backyard. 

Here's some great ideas that I know Moms around the country would love:
  • Provide the fruits of your labor and materials to install a small garden bed for flowers, vegetables, or herbs.
  • Bring sunshine into her life. Prune back overgrown hedges and shrubs.
  • Instead of cut flowers, give her a gift certificate to a rose or flower catalog and have her pick out her favorite flowers so she can enjoy flowers all year round.
  • Give Mom a world of butterflies by giving her butterfly nectar or larvae host plants.
  • Dishing out a container of wonderful herbs for cooking her favorite recipes.
  • Check out and calibrate or fix her irrigation system so Mom doesn't have high water bills.
  • Reduce the amount of turf that Mom has to mow by planting more shrubs and flowers.
  • Plant a flowering tree that has fragrance.
  • Gardening gloves, sun protectant, hand moisturizer, and a beautiful hat to wear outdoors in the sun.
We'll be talking about more ideas on "In Your Backyard."  Call in and tell me what you're getting your favorite Mom for Mother's Day.

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