Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Do They Have In Common?

Q. What do the following have in common?

Globe, Argyle, Athens, Avon, Bath, Belfast, Belgrade, Bremen, Bristol, Calais, Cambridge, Canton, Carthage, Damascus, Derby, Dover, Frankfort, Freeport, Ghent, Hamlin, Leeds, Limerick, Lisbon, Madrid, Manchester, Moscow, Naples, Newcastle, Oxford, Palermo, Rome, Stockholm, Troy, Verona, Vienna, Buffalo, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Fairbanks, Jacksonville, Ketchum, Long Beach, Monticello, Salem, Williamsburg, Virginia, China, Denmark, Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Scotland, Siberia, and finally, Eden, Purgatory, Sodom, and Promised Land.
A. First person to respond on this blog with the correct answer will receive a packet of 25 glassine seed-saving envelopes from one of my favorite garden entrepreneurs, the Seed Keeper Company.

I'll post the answer on Wednesday. 

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