Monday, August 05, 2013

Evidence of Native Bees

Pink Knock Out Roses
You can easily notice a friendly visit from a native pollinator, the leafcutter bee.  Identifying which species is harder since there are nine different species endemic to Florida.

Good news is that leafcutter bees are beneficial as pollinators for crops such as commercial blueberries and vegetables.  In residential landscapes, inviting ornamental plants with thin leaves such as bougainvillea, roses, and redbud trees are more susceptible to the leafcutter.  The visible damage of circular cuts on the outside edges of leaves will be used to build up their nests and usually will not harm the plants, but this non-aggressive bee species can sometimes nest in hollow rose canes, causing the rose to decline. 
Credits: David Almquist and David Serrano, University of Florida.
Red Knock Out Roses

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