Monday, August 12, 2013

Tropical Nursery is Paradise For Gardeners

What a gardner's treasure trove! The Community Garden Center is a must visit and visit often resource. Marvin and Terri Pinder, 2nd generation growers just don't sell perennials, ornamental shrubs, tropical fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables, the Pinder's educate by example, living and growing everything they would love to have in their landscape. Visit Pinder's Nursery at 5500 Sw Martin Hwy, Palm City  (772) 781-8085.
Pennisetum purpurea 'Princess Caroline'

Sun-loving bromeliad hanging basket.

Coleus 'Redhead'

Succulent Container Garden

Plant-filled Victorian Terrarium keeps caterpillars happy.

Plants from the ground to the sky.

Thousands of plants, flowers, herbs, fruit trees, and garden accessories.

Floriferous front entry.

I can't believe how wonderful the ambiance was at Pinder's Nursery! Marvin and Terry and their staff are enthusiastic and gardening experts to help anyone who wants to create their own outdoor living room or edible Paradise. If you're in the area, please stop by. I guarantee that you'll leave with a wonderful plant or two.

They even have fairies wandering among the plants.  Will post those photos as soon as I'm sure the fairies don't mind. Click to see all of the Pinder Nursery photographs.

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  1. Love the bromeliad basket! Apricot-golden awesomeness...ooh la la! Wish we could grow that type of thing here in Washington.